Softeon Order Management Software System

Softeon Order Management System

Manage multi-channel demand, pricing, promotions and customer service.

As the gateway to the supply chain, order management must be automated and integrated with business processes. Order Management Systems (OMS) enhance inventory control and end-to-end supply chain efficiencies. Softeon OMS software provides complete control of every stage of the order process, including order entry and fulfillment, pricing and promotion, credit processing and shipment invoicing.

With an intuitive user interface designed for maximum productivity, Softeon OMS software empowers users to provide outstanding customer service. Like all Softeon supply chain management solutions, OMS is web native, meaning it easily supports remote customer service agents and call centers. Highly scalable, Softeon OMS software handles transaction volumes for even the largest organizations, across industries and partners, including financial services, retail, automotive and service parts.

Softeon order management solutions offers unmatched functionality to manage customer-specific pricing, rebates and promotions, substitutions, replenishment from vendors, SKU bundling and more.

Order Management Systems (OMS) features:

  • Extensive order life-cycle visibility and capability to coordinate cross-channel selling and order fulfillment processes
  • Powerful rules engine including highly-configurable inventory allocation rules and flexible rule-based pricing, discounts and promotion models
  • Seamless integration with warehouse and transportation management systems to drive supply chain efficiencies and improve customer service
  • EDI, tax and accounting interface
  • Remote order entry via the web
  • Configurable credit hold/release process and full invoicing including credit and adjustment invoices
  • Order consolidation and automated order dropping
  • Sales and billing analysis reporting

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Softeon Order Management System Software

Softeon Order Management Software manages every stage of the order process, including order entry, pricing and promotion, credit processing, shipment invoicing and audits.

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Softeon Order Management Solutions.

Softeon’s service-oriented architecture facilitates integration of OMS with sales channels, partners and disparate systems to improve customer service, inventory control and warehouse operations. The OMS module can be installed as a stand-alone solution or with any combination of other system modules. Whether you use OMS software with your own WMS or Softeon’s industry-leading WMS solutions, improved inventory accuracy and order fulfillment benefit the customer and the bottom line.

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