Improving Your Sorting System Capacity

Supply chain management has a few common kinks that keep the overall system from running exactly the way we want. Those kinks can be frustratingly out of our control, such as receiving shipments from suppliers. But one of the worst offenders is usually in the center of your operation. Sorting systems are vital to improving workflow, but they are prone to bottlenecks and inefficiency. For many warehouses, their sorting systems are hurting productivity by working under capacity. There are two low-cost ways to tackle this problem...

How to Improve Your Shipping Performance

Nearly half of all online shoppers say that they have abandoned shopping carts when shipping speeds were too slow. To meet the demands of consumers who have more shopping choices than ever, you need a shipping process that is fast and efficient. Here are a few areas to focus on if you are going to deliver the results people want...

What is Blockchain Technology and How Will It Impact Supply Chain Management?

Blockchain tech came to prominence as the technology undergirding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It has many uses outside of the world of finance, including in supply chain management. Some experts are likening it to the invention of the World Wide Web - and it really has the potential to become that important.

Will Self-Driving Trucks Affect Your Network Design Strategy?

Your supply chain can benefit in many ways from the new innovation of driverless trucks. Here are some of the ways that your network design strategy may improve.

10 Tips for Warehouse Efficiency

1 - Control your freight.

There are many things written about this cost area, and you should keep up with the latest solutions in order to maintain your profit positioning. You may need a consultant in this area, because everything in a carrier agreement is up for negotiation.

2 - Pay for performance.

Pick and pack makes up half of your warehouse labor, so make this your number one priority in labor productivity. Make sure that you are not overpaying for productivity that you should already have packed in.

Essential Qualities of Any Good Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain management often involves overseeing and integrating processes where people, machines and software all have a role to play. With so much in motion, the job isn't always easy, and supply chain leaders must have strong organizational, analytical and critical thinking skills. Here are four essential qualities of any good supply chain manager.

What are the Differences Between Hosted, On-Demand and Other Supply Chain Software?

​On-demand software, also referred to as software-as-a-service (SaaS), is growing significantly in terms of popularity. While on-demand software is the best choice for many companies, hosted software is still a practical solution for some. In order to decide which of the two options is best for your business, you need to be able to differentiate between hosted, on-demand, and other supply chain software.

Why It's Time to Move Your Supply Chain Planning to the Cloud

Supply chain management carries a lot of factors. Today’s supply chain processes are getting an innovative upgrade: cloud support. By and large, many business supply chains utilize on-premises applications which were designed decades ago. These slow-era solutions can’t cut the business world’s modern needs. Fortunately, cloud computing innovations are supplying today’s business owners with digital options.

Top Predicted Retail Trends of 2018

In 2018, experts believe retail will continue to approach the ultimate level of consumer fulfillment. Retail, ahead of all other industries, may in fact be standing on the front lines of modern tech disruption. 

Tech disruption isn’t a bad thing - it’s a driving force for convenience, immersion, speed and automation. As 2018 continues, these retail trend predictions are likely to make history.

Softeon Spotlight: Transportation

Softeon provides innovative supply chain solutions for clients throughout the world, including small businesses and market leaders in many industrial sectors. Our platform covers the complete spectrum from transportation to supply chain management, providing our clients with the agility they need to stay ahead of their competitors.


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