DOM and WMS in e-Fulfillment

A New Executive Brief by Softeon and Tompkins International.


Two World Class Experts Address Key Questions about DOM/WMS and their Application in Omnichannel Commerce.

Distributed Order Management (DOM) has become an essential component in managing and optimizing Omnichannel fulfillment.

At the same time, new Omnichannel requirements lead many retailers and consumer goods companies to realize they must upgrade their Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities to meet customer requirements and reduce operational costs in fulfillment centers.

Yet, DOM technology remains not well understood, and there are questions about how DOM and WMS work together, how they are best integrated, and which system is responsible for each of the diverse processes.

To answer these and many other important questions, Softeon – a leading provider of innovative DOM, WMS and other supply chain software solutions – and the respected consulting firm of Tompkins International have partnered on a new Executive Brief titled, “How Distributed Order Management (DOM) and WMS Work Together to Power Omnichannel Supply Chains.”

The document is built on questions and answers in an informative, easy-to-read format from two world-class experts in this area, Kevin Hume, a vice president at Tompkins International, and Satish Kumar, a vice president at Softeon.

In the Executive Brief, Hume and Kumar address questions such as:

  1. What is Distributed Order Management, and why has is become so important in Omnichannel commerce?
  2. If we have Order Management, do we have Distributed Order Management?
  3. How do DOM and WMS work together?
  4. If both DOM and WMS are needed, how should the deployment plan be structured?
  5. What are the keys to DOM success?

“We continue to see companies looking for more education about DOM itself as well as DOM and WMS together. This new Executive Brief does a nice job of answering many common questions about these topics, in an easy to read format,”

— Kumar, from Softeon


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