Voice Technology

A system in which work is assigned to and completed by workers using their own voice and responses from the Voice system. For example, an associate with some form of mobile device and a headset is instructed by the WMS which location to go to for the next order pick. Once there, the worker generally speaks the check digit of the location barcode (a number at the end of a code, in human readable form) to verify he/she is in the right place. The Voice system will then tell the worker how many items to pick. After speaking “done” or a similar statement, the Voice system will direct the worker to the next task.

Voice technology is considered “hands-free” because it eliminates the scanning of locations and/or item barcodes. It is primarily used in order picking, especially piece picking, but can also be used for case picking, replenishment, confirming cartons leaving a sorter and much more. Most commonly, the WMS interfaces to a third-party Voice technology provider. However, some WMS vendors offer their own Voice solution.

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