Task Management

A core WMS capability that involves creating, managing, and optimizing work in the DC. There are many types of tasks in a distribution center: putaways, order picks, replenishments, truck loading, etc. The WMS automatically creates these tasks, such as picking and replenishment tasks, and queues them for assignment to specific workers based on factors such as the work zone they are in, permissions to do a task, the type of equipment (if any) they are using, the priority of the work (e.g. the priority of replenishment tasks to fill a pick slot which has insufficient inventory to meet current demand that is very high), and a worker’s proximity to the task.

A WMS solution’s ability to manage all these tasks and assignments is fundamental to its value. Better WMS solutions will provide a robust task management console where supervisors can see active task assignments and the queue of awaiting assignments and make adjustments as needed, such as manually increasing the priority of a given task.

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