What Is Cluster Picking


Cluster picking in warehouse management is WMS picking method, typically involving piece picking and pick cart, in which a picker picks items for multiple orders from the same location to reduce travel time.

Consider one cluster picking example: a picker with a cart that has room for nine orders, represented by carts or totes. The WMS directs that picker to a location for which one or more orders are being processed on that cart. The WMS would instruct the picker to select one or more items for the first warehouse picking tote or picking cart that needs that SKU.

After the first pick is confirmed via barcode scan, key entry or pushing a lit button, the picker would be directed to pick another item or items from that location for the next carton/tote requiring that SKU until all the picks for that SKU have been exhausted, and the picker is directed to another location for another SKU to pick.

Optimize Picking Performance with an Advanced Order Fulfillment System

As costs increase, businesses are turning to new technologies to trim the fat of their warehousing operations. Cluster picking, directed putaway, kitting systems, and more are part of Softeon’s warehouse management solutions.

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