Batch Packing

A pick method in which all picks for a given SKU are completed together, so that a picker only has to stop once at the storage area per time period, reducing travel time. For example, for a release of work such as in a pick wave, customer A may need three cartons, customer B six cartons, and customer C five cartons. With batch picking, a picker would be directed to the storage location and instructed to pick 14 cases, satisfying all three orders. Of course, with consolidated via batching picking, it means the picked product must be distributed to each customer downstream from the pick, either as a manual process, or commonly using a sortation system to divert the right number of cartons for each order down the assigned lines for pallet building.

Batch picking can also be used for piece picking, such as selecting all the items needed across customers at one stop of the storage location, with packers then receiving the batch and distributing them into the shipping cartons. This method is often used for picking single line-item orders.

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