IWLA DOM 3PL Webinar

eFulfillment opportunities continue to abound, but basic pick, pack and ship services are highly competitive and difficult to differentiate

MCM OMS Webinar 2021

September 9, 2021  I  Webinar

Experts from Forrester and Softeon will discuss key aspects of omnichannel order management, related industry trends, and how to evaluate new OMS technology.

A new WMS must almost always be cost justified. In this fast-paced webinar discussion, three veterans of the industry will cover all the basics of cost justification – and share some tips in areas you may not have considered. Not to be missed for anyone considering new WMS solutions!  

A newer class of Supply Chain software called Distributed Order Management (DOM) has become essential to powering omnichannel retail and direct-to-consumer ecommerce applications.  

April 12-16, 2021  I  All Virtual

ProMatDX combines the power of the connections, solution-sourcing and education that only ProMat can deliver with the latest digital event technology in a five-day event that will be the most important week of 2021 for the manufacturing and supply chain industry. 

This webinar will demystify WMS, Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), and WES, focusing on the new capabilities advanced WMS+WES solutions bring to distribution in automated, non-automated, and mixed DC environments, with “always on” processing.  

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are very mature, but continue to reinvent themselves to meet changing market needs. This fast-paced broadcast will look at 5 key recent developments in WMS technology that are taking the category to whole new levels of performance after nearly 20 years of mostly incremental progress.