Scalable platform for the evolving warehouse

WMS Cloud

Today’s supply chains aren’t static and neither is your small to medium-size warehouse operation. Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer or 3PL, your warehouse management systems and software demand basic functionality with the flexibility to grow with your supply chain. Whether you support multiple clients at your warehouse or serve one enterprise, you are striving to increase profitability. Softeon WMS Cloud is the answer.

Elevate your warehouse operation with Softeon WMS Cloud

WMS Cloud is a best-of-breed solution for stand-alone or multiple warehouse environments that use standard warehouse processes. Solution capabilities include order grouping and consolidation; pallet in/pallet out; wave-based picking; RF and paper-based picking; standard case pick; piece pick, pack and ship; serial number tracking and more. Querying and reporting are a breeze with WMS Cloud, which includes an ad hoc report writer and a labeling system.

Scalable, value-based WMS

Built with the same technology as Softeon WMS, WMS Cloud offers businesses amazing value in an affordable solution.

  • Simplicity: WMS Cloud supports a simple profile without the need for extensive training, IT support or maintenance. WMS Cloud supports manual processes without the need to invest in material handling technologies.
  • Self-sufficiency: Business users easily onboard new customers with configuration wizards right in the solution, without IT support by the vendor or in-house resources
  • Fast time to market: Softeon’s intuitive interface facilitates quick onboarding of new warehouse customers

Softeon WMS Cloud delivers low total cost of ownership

As your business requirements change, Softeon protects your investment by growing with you. Like all Softeon supply chain management solutions built on web-based, service-oriented architecture, WMS Cloud is completely web-based requiring only a Web browser. This means efficient integration with other supply chain solutions.

Softeon WMS Cloud

Softeon WMS Cloud:  Scalable Platform for the Evolving Warehouse



Consider these advantages with the Softeon WMS Cloud solution:

Quick Deploy and Low Cost

  • Rapid implementation and a full range of deployment options including hosting by your own data center, Softeon or in the cloud
  • Low risk of ownership with flexible purchase options: purchase as a licensing model, subscribe on a monthly basis, combination of pay as a subscription and buy to own

Economical IT Support and Upgrades

  • Access Softeon support only for complex configurations such as country-specific locations, carrier integrations including with country-specific processes or significant changes to business processes
  • Seamless integration at a low cost: no re-engineering required when you are ready to move up to Softeon WMS Enterprise

Get the Softeon Advantage in a powerful warehouse management solution with WMS Cloud.

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