WMS Business Case 2021

Warehouse Management Systems are mature, having been around since about 1975. Yet, the WMS market continues to experience growth, as a variety of market and business factors have led to high levels of new WMS adoption.

Those factors include: new omnichannel fulfillment requirements; aging WMS platforms; moves to much more automated distribution facilities; mergers and acquisitions; companies developing their own 3PL capabilities; and more extensive compliance requirements to name a few.

Whatever the scenario, the new WMS must almost always be cost justified. In this fast-paced webinar discussion, three veterans of the industry will cover all the basics of cost justification – and share some tips in areas you may not have considered.

The expert discussion will be led by Amit Kirpalani and Rick McDole of consulting firm enVista, and Dan Gilmore, Chief Marketing Officer at leading WMS provider Softeon and long-time WMS industry veteran.

Topics to be discussed in the broadcast include:

  • A review of scenarios driving WMS adoption
  • The Basics – WMS business case development 101 (and 201!)
  • How, what and when
  • Functionality drives ROI
  • Utilization of KPIs to develop a business case
  • Calculating the ROI
  • Understanding total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Uncommon tips for successful business case development
  • The critical role change management plays in estimating and realizing the potential WMS value


This outstanding webinar will get your WMS business case development headed in the right direction. Not to be missed for anyone considering new WMS solutions!


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