Warehouse Management SystemsBoot Camp 2023

WMS BC 2023

Five-Part Educational Series Provides Learning and Insight Needed to Achieve Project Success 



Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have been around for more than 40 years, yet the WMS market remains hot, driven by ecommerce fulfillment, more complex operations, interest in the Cloud and greatly increasingly levels of automation.

To receive the results and success you expect requires end-to-end excellence, from business case development through go-live and time-to-value.

To receive the results and success you expect requires end-to-end excellence, from business case development through go-live and time-to-value.

But WMS projects can be challenging – especially for those new to the process. WMS provides unique challenges due to the need to sync the physical movement of goods with real-time flow of information, under increasing complex processes.

We can help.

This exclusive five-part, non-commercial Warehouse Management Boot Camp 2023 will help you and your team achieve WMS success.

Presented live in Q1 2023, the sessions will be available on demand at the conclusion of each broadcast.

Each session, delivered in a classroom style, will be led by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the WMS sector (see faculty below).

You can view individual sessions or all five in the Boot Camp series with just a few clicks
See descriptions for each session in the series below.



Session 1: Introduction to WMS

What is a WMS? How Does It Provide Value? Key WMS Trends; WMS and Automation; WMS Costs


Available On Demand

Led by Gilmore/Fralick

Session 2: Building the WMS Business Case

Common Areas and Ranges of Cost Savings; How to Present ROI to Senior Management; The Key Role of Change Management


Available On Demand

Led by Gilmore/Hume

Session 3: WMS Vendor Selection

The Vendor Selection Process; Creating RFI/RFPs; Getting Demos and Scoring Right, Site Visits


Available On Demand

Led by Gilmore/Singer

Session 4: Tips for Successful As-Is/To Be Process Development

As Is/to Be Process Mapping and Development is Essential to WMS Project Success - Learn How to Do It Well


Available On Demand

Led by Gilmore/Hume

Session 5: A Blueprint for WMS Implementation Success

Common and Uncommon Tips; What the Team Should Look Like; Thoughts on System Integration


Available On Demand

Led by Gilmore/Kovi

Your WMS Boot Camp Faculty

Kevin Hume Project ExecutiveThruput Partners
Kevin has seen his share of WMS deployments - from multiple perspectives - as a selection - deployment consultant, as a WMS software provider, and as an end-user executive responsible for multiple WMS applications. Most recently, Kevin was responsible for Supply Chain Technology Consulting Services at Tompkins International. Today, Kevin is leading ThruPut customers focused on WMS and other strategic supply chain technology initiatives.
Tom Singer  Project ManagerTompkins Solutions
Tom Singer is a Senior Project Manager with Tompkins Solutions, a global supply chain services firm. He has over 25 years of experience in supply chain systems strategy development, requirements definition, software selection, blueprinting, and implementation project management. He has participated in over 50 WMS assessments, selections, and implementation projects.
Dan Gilmore CMOSofteon
Dan is a recognized thought leader in WMS, with experience prior to his role at Softeon as the founder of Supply Chain Digest, CMO at RedPrairie (now BlueYonder), and as lead WMS analyst at META Group (later acquired by Gartner). Earlier in his career, he led the implementation of two major WMS projects for Forte Industries.
Mark Fralick Co-CreatorMOCA
Mark, best known as the co-creator and original developer of the popular WMS architecture called MOCA (now owned by BlueYonder), started developing WMS solutions in the early 1990s. After selling his business to, what is now, BlueYonder, he created GetUsROI LLC, a top WMS implementer with specialization in WCS, WES, Goods-To-Person, and robot integration. He also runs a WMS Architecture company called Attuned Labs, pushing WMS architecture into the modern age.
Todd Kovi PartnerRadix Consulting Alliance

Kovi has +20 years of consulting experience working with all levels in client organizations. Integrating facets of his experience, along with critical thinking and analysis capabilities, he demonstrates, time after time ability to scope, design, lead and implement successful solutions. Much of that experience is with Warehouse Management Systems.

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