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Direct sales distributor of gourmet foods based in Alexandria, MN...


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Business Overview

  • Direct sales distributor of gourmet foods based in Alexandria, MN
  • Ships 10,000 to 20,000 small parcels each day
  • 28,000 sales consultants generate orders
  • State-of-the-art warehouse with automated conveyor and picking

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Business Objectives

  • Required higher efficiency through the DC
  • Integration with existing IT environment
  • Needed better capacity utilization, picking efficiencies and optimal cartonization operations
  • Necessitated a scalable solution with process modernization
  • Kitting a major function within the warehouse



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  • Operation excellence and improved business efficiency
  • Improved assemble-to-order and multi-level bill-of-material management
  • Flexible system providing rapid, dynamic user-control configuration changes
  • First 30 days after go live, customer performed more configuration changes with major process impacts than what was done under their old system in 5 years


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