Softeon’s Slotting module offers powerful tools to optimize where products should be slotted to optimize order picking and replenishment productivity. The slotting module leverages historic data or demand forecasts to recommend where each SKU should for placed for different types of picking (pallet, case, eaches) to maximize efficiency and minimize travel time. Full support for re-warehousing, with the moves directly integrated to the Softeon WMS task engine. The Softeon solution also offers robust support for dynamic slotting, when slots are fewer than SKU requirements or there is a temporary spike in SKU demand. Simple to use, the Softeon slotting module delivers value for a wide range of distribution models.

  • Auto-slotting based on a variety of control parameters
  • Slotting based on forecast or  actual demand, ergonomic variables, and location and capacity constraints
  • Pre-slotting for ordered/in-transit SKUs
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary locations
  • Cost-benefit analysis for potential slotting changes