The challenges in distribution - cost, throughput, and customer service - have never been greater.  To meet those challenges, companies need a new set of tools, more aligned with the dynamic nature of today's order fulfillment environment and that provide next-generation capabilities to optimize and orchestrate end-to-end distribution processes.

Softeon is the only Warehouse Management System provider to also offer a powerful Warehouse Execution System (WES) integrated with the WMS, or deployed as a stand-alone, in any environment. Deployed together, Softeon’s full Warehouse Management and Execution System provides out-of-the-box integration between the two powerful solutions, leveraging the capabilities of both systems to minimize costs and maximize flexibility and throughput.The WMS and WES can enable companies to meet customer demand and service commitments at the least possible operating costs.

Softeon’s SOA-based platform allows the WMS and WES to share components to extend each solution. Companies have the option to begin with a WMS deployment, and then add the WES in a second phase for a new round of benefits.

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