Tastefully Simple Case Study

Flexible WMS Increases Business Agility

Industry: Direct Selling

Tastefully Simple experienced strong sales growth requiring higher efficiency through the DC to keep pace. They were in need of process modernization and a scalable solution. Priorities included better capacity utilization, picking efficiencies for both pick to light and batch, improved kitting, product and lot # tracking, and optimal cartonization operations. In addition, it was important that a new WMS system could easily integrate with their existing IT environment.

Tastefully Simple selected Softeon WMS for its flexibility to support their dynamic business model and commitment to continuous improvement.

With goals to streamline operations and increase overall productivity, the team focused on order flexibility, picking efficiencies and faster conveyor transactions. Kitting improvements included real-time inventory and accuracy of kits.

Results Today, the warehouse is state-of-the-art with automated conveyor and picking. In the first thirty days after going live, Tastefully Simple performed more configuration changes with major process impacts than what was done under their old system in five years.

  • Created operational excellence and improved business efficiency
  • Gained end-to-end visibility of operations.
  • Created pick routes tailored to unique order profiles
  • Increased speed of automated conveyor processing
  • Improved assemble-to-order and multi-level bill-of-material management
  • Created straight forward kitting process with full lot code tracking
  • Utilized data analysis to create additional supply chain opportunities
  • Achieved IT framework flexibility and reduced footprint based on reusable components

“We are extremely impressed with the performance of Softeon and their WMS product. Their solution is very user friendly and completely rules driven. This enables us to easily configure the system to meet our ever-changing business requirements in a very short time.”

- Joe Smoliga, Vice President of Operations, Tastefully Simple, Inc.


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