Business Overview

  • Peru-based provider of integrated logistics solutions serving Central and South America
  • Employs more than 4,800
  • Specialties include distribution of consumer goods and grocery, frozen foods, appliances, products requiring cold storage and logistics operations for supermarkets

Business Objectives

  • Inefficient proprietary and older-generation WMS that couldn’t manage basic warehouse functions
  • Lack of standardized business processes across regions (Peru and other Latin American countries) and business verticals
  • Need to respond to marketing needs quickly
  • Desired capability to scale quickly to pursue new business in other verticals such as electronics and home appliances
  • Multi-language needs across countries



  • IT cost containment and quick onboarding of new customers
  • Improved customer service levels due to increased operational efficiencies, inventory accuracy and streamlined business processes
  • Warehouse efficiencies include better order fulfillment, sophisticated wave planning, efficient pick, pack and ship operations
  • Improved market responsiveness
  • Capabilities to take on more complex services for customers
  • Supports multiple languages with minimal training