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Warehouse Management for the Agile Supply Chain

Warehouse management systems (WMS) control inventory and distribution, the heart of the supply chain. But warehouse operations require deep functionality to enable partner collaboration and flexible, global supply chains. Core warehouse functions like inbound receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, loading and replenishment need to coordinate with other supply chain processes like distributed order management, web fulfillment and vendor managed inventory.

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WMS Cloud: Adaptable Warehouse Management Systems

Today’s supply chains aren’t static and neither is your small to medium-size warehouse operation. Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer or 3PL, your warehouse management system demands basic functionality with the flexibility to grow with your supply chain. Whether you support multiple clients at your warehouse or serve one enterprise, you are striving to increase profitability. Softeon WMS Cloud is the answer.

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Order Management

As the gateway to the supply chain, order management must be automated and integrated with business processes. Order management systems (OMS) enhance inventory control and end-to-end supply chain efficiencies. Softeon OMS provides complete control of every stage of the order process, including order entry and fulfillment, pricing and promotion, credit processing and shipment invoicing.

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Transportation Management

Transportation procurement, planning, execution and freight auditing is no easy task given today’s global supply chains. Streamlining inbound and outbound logistics while monitoring contract compliance and keeping up with carrier capacity constraints and rate changes are daunting tasks. Softeon’s powerful transportation management system (TMS) offers full functionality to address these issues.

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Assembly & Kitting System (AMS)

Global manufacturing requires multiple versions of products with multi-level bill of materials support. Tight inventories and cost control means there’s no margin for error with assembly, kitting and reverse flows. Softeon’s AMS solution leads the way with an advanced materials requirement planning tool for assembly and kitting, facilitating the integration of distribution and manufacturing processes.

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Reverse Logistics

Returns processing or Returns Process Management (RPM) can suck profits right out of the supply chain. Multiple factors including shipping errors, product recalls or damages in transit cause returns that many suppliers, distributors or manufacturers are forced to keep. Other returns may be refused and returned to the customer or may be returned because they were not sold. Some returns may require a return merchandise authorization (RMA) while others may be returned on a blind (also called blanket) authorization.

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Resource Management

Managing labor and equipment resources in distribution has never been more important to reduce costs and minimize execution variability. Softeon’s Resource Management System (RMS) module provides powerful tools that enable you control and optimize performance of these critical distribution resources.

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Yard Management

Managing containers and trailers to optimize logistics activities can’t rely on weak applications or manual systems. You need a professional yard management system (YMS) with the capability to integrate with WMS, TMS and more. Softeon YMS does it all with an intuitive solution for yard visibility and supply chain control.

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Billing Management (BMS)

Logistics service providers, whether 3PLs or in-house providers, need to accurately track billable services and costs. You need a billing management system (BMS) to capture client activities and costs at multiple levels and across multiple costing models. Softeon BMS is a powerful billing engine and activity-based costing solution that supports complex billing rules, rate structures and cost elements of logistics services.

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Direct Store Delivery

In the battle against rising delivery costs, routes and deliveries must run with military precision. Direct store delivery (DSD) calls for automation where load planning, pre-sold and peddle (driver sold) routes and driver settlement processes are synced with warehousing and accounting functions. Softeon DSD supports pre-sales and peddle sales operations.

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Route Accounting

Outdated route accounting software can fail beverage distributors by hurting the bottom line. Without end-to-end integration, sales order and inventory management processes fall victim to time consuming, error-prone orders and invoicing. Route accounting systems (RAS) need to coordinate across warehouse, inventory and sales processes to provide upstream visibility to enterprise-level accounting functions and suppliers.

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