Plan-to-Fulfill (P2F)

Plan-to-Fulfill (P2F)

Softeon provides a focused group of supply chain planning solutions collectively brought together in our Plan-to-Fulfill (P2F) suite of products, successfully deployed at customers such as Sony DADC, Casey’s General Stores, Universal Music Group, Curriculum Associates and other planning leaders.

While the modules that together make up P2F can be deployed individually, it is in combination that they provide maximum power and value for Softeon customers. The Plan2Fulfill suite provides both traditional supply chain planning capabilities as well as new capabilities that fall in a “white space” between traditional planning and execution, solving challenges/opportunities not addressed by other planning systems.

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Components of Softeon’s Plan-to-Fulfill solution include:

Forecasting/Demand Planning

A powerful set of statistical forecasting tools that provide more than 30 forecasting models, along with automated “best fit” selection of the most appropriate forecasting method. Also includes demand sensing capabilities that automatically adjusts statistical forecasts in the short term based on actual demand signals. Flexible workflow engine to support customer-specific demand planning process models, and much more.

Milestone Management

Provides a vehicle to track the scheduled, estimated and actual completion of pre-production deliverables and events like media delivery, artwork approval and BOM creation. Milestone events are completely configurable, from many to just a few as needed depending on the individual release. Includes a detailed milestone dashboard. Also supports version control for what-if scenario planning. Allows monitoring and execution of precision inventory strategies for NPI.

New Product Introduction

New release supply/procurement planning is executed based on forecast, a pre-determined initial manufacturing quantity or a combination of both. Because new release demand profiles can vary greatly, the system allows the flexibility to upload forecasts via an Excel template, electronically from an external engine, or manual entry. Allows modeling of new SKUs from similar SKUs. Once the forecast has been created, the system creates suggested POs daily based on the forecast and current potential inventory.

Inventory and Supply Planning

Provides a flexible rule-based system to calculate target inventory levels. Configurable parameters include safety stock levels, cycle stocks, multiple lead times, customer service commitments/targets, and velocity-based parameter definition. The inventory dashboard provides an intuitive UI for planners to make the most informed decisions, while the system is focused on automating the process and using management by exception techniques. Supply Planning also considers manufacturing capacities and constraints.


Based on the supply and inventory plan and a variety of factors including vendor lead times, vendor history, quantity price break and more, the Procurement module recommends  vendor purchase orders, and can auto create and send those POs as desired. The system can be electronically interfaced with the vendor and DC for ease of communication and visibility of the status, promise date from the vendor, quantity shipped and quantity received. Purchase orders are priced based on vendor specific price grids that account for complex pricing drivers, such as SKU attributes, price effective dates, BOM’s and much more. 

Softeon’s Plan-to-Fulfill system provides a powerful solution to your forecasting and inventory planning needs – why don’t we discuss your opportunities today?

Softeon Plan-to-Fulfill

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