Reverse Logistics Software System

Reverse Logistics Software System

Fast receipt for rapid reuse and disposal of products

Returns processing or Returns Process Management (RPM) can suck profits right out of the supply chain. Multiple factors including shipping errors, product recalls or damages in transit cause returns that many suppliers, distributors or manufacturers are forced to keep. Other returns may be refused and returned to the customer or may be returned because they were not sold. Some returns may require a return merchandise authorization (RMA) while others may be returned on a blind (also called blanket) authorization.

Returns Process Management (RPM)

Softeon Returns Process Management (RPM) immediately identifies the items requiring returns in your network and tracks the shipment through the entire returns process, while creating the necessary paperwork. Softeon RPM is unrivaled in the industry for its rich functionality, including:

  • Flexible rules engine to define returns rules based on item, customer behavior, type of customer, RMA, etc.
  • Optimizes processes at the carton or pallet or unit level
  • Tracks package from receipt into the warehouse until it is put away
  • Optionally tracks units at the sold serial number level
  • Robust interface(s) to accounting systems and third-party ERP systems

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Softeon Reverse Logistics Software

Softeon Reverse Logistics System identifies the items requiring returns in the network and tracks the shipment through the returns process, while generating the necessary paperwork.

Reverse Logistics



If returns processing represent a significant part of your shipping operations, consider Softeon Returns Process Management RPM). Softeon’s reverse logistics solution is ideal for high-volume, high-profit networks with a complex returns process. Softeon RPM is available as a module embedded into the Softeon WMS or as a stand-alone solution.

Let Softeon’s RPM reduce the need for manual intervention and optimize your returns business. Discover the Softeon Advantage today.

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