Softeon provides a full portfolio of powerful and integrated supply chain execution solutions, anchored by our Warehouse Management and Distributed Order Management solutions, but stretching far beyond that to solve almost any logistics and fulfillment challenge.

Our additional supply chain execution software solutions include Labor and Resource Management, Slotting Optimization, Yard Management, 3PL Billing, Assembly and Kitting, Transportation, Parcel Management, Freight Pay and Audit and more – each with a variety of unique and innovative capabilities, with out-of-the-box integration and workflow across the entire suite.

No WMS vendor in the market offers the breadth and depth of SCE solutions that Softeon provides, all develop in-house, on our advanced Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology platform that provides unmatched flexibility initially and over time.

Learn more today and browse our comprehensive supply chain solutions below:

WMS Cloud: Adaptable Warehouse Management Systems

Scalable platform for the evolving warehouse

Today’s supply chains aren’t static and neither is your small to medium-size warehouse operation. Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer or 3PL, your warehouse management system demands basic functionality with the flexibility to grow with your supply chain. Whether you support multiple clients at your warehouse or serve one enterprise, you are striving to increase profitability. Softeon WMS Cloud is the answer.

Direct Store Delivery

Advanced mobile technology brings accuracy and efficiencies in delivery

In the battle against rising delivery costs, routes and deliveries must run with military precision. Direct store delivery (DSD) calls for automation where load planning, pre-sold and peddle (driver sold) routes and driver settlement processes are synced with warehousing and accounting functions. Softeon DSD supports pre-sales and peddle sales operations.