Business Overview

  • W&O is one of the largest global distributors of pipe, valve, fittings, engineered products and automation to the marine and upstream oil and gas industries
  • They serve all segments of the maritime industry including commercial shipping, the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, MARAD, U.S. Coast Guard, cruise lines, barge owners, upstream oil and natural-gas rigs, and shipyards for building and repairing vessels
  • W&O prides themselves in being actively responsive to their customers needs and taking a positive approach when any setbacks occur, making for great customer service 

Business Objectives

  • Previously used a non-standard manual process, and were looking to improve inventory management and establish a process flow
  • Needed to bring a standard process to their inventory management, cycle count, order management, picking and shipping
  • Required fast on-boarding for each of their branches
  • Wanted stronger visibility for their sales team



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