CEVA Logistics

Business Overview

  • $6 billion global logistics provider (3PL), including warehousing and distribution
  • Maintains operations on all continents
  • Services a diverse range of customers worldwide and provides a wide spectrum of additional value-added services

Business Objectives

  • Required rapid onboarding of new customers
  • 3PL customer’s needs became increasingly complex
  • Needed to fulfill unique billing requirements for each customer
  • Needed to facilitate constant changes in customer requirements across complex verticals such as high tech, manufacturing
  • Multiple systems were complex and costly to maintain



  • Continued rollout of WMS by location
  • Comprehensive billing for each customer
  • Fast system configuration and onboarding of new customers to meet unique requirements
  • Improved assemble-to-order and multi-level bill-of-material management
  • Improved auditing process
  • Increased real-time operational visibility and information capture for the 3PL and customers


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