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Distributed Order Management (DOM) – Solid Technology Value

In the recent report, “IT Market Clock for Digital Commerce, 2015”, Gartner Analyst Jason Daigler has identified DOM as a key investment opportunity offering significant Return-On-Investment and ongoing savings to the Enterprise.

Starbucks’ Winning Blend: A Love for Their Employees and Their Supply Chain

If you were fortunate enough to attend the Council of Supply Chain Professionals conference this week in San Diego, you were privy to hear some of the most forward thinking supply chain industry experts in the world. 

Sears Utilizes Softeon DOM to Obtain Real Time Data

Many Softeon customers are moving away from inventory management driven by faulty forecast numbers and focusing on real-time data provided by Distributed Order Management.

A Step Closer to the Customer

​In their July 2015 publication of the Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies, Gartner has observed a recent trend in the Slope of Enlightenment part of the Hype Cycle where companies are adding Distributed Order Management (DOM) and Slotting to their existing Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications. If a company buys and installs DOM and slotting to use them together with their WMS, then that would be an example of an application on the Supply Chain Hype Cycle.

Next-Generation WMS – Part 1

The Softeon team is back from a very successful ProMat show in Chicago two weeks ago. During the show, we spoke with dozens of companies potentially interested in our supply chain software solutions, notably WMS and distributed order management (DOM).

Softeon’s Continued Progress in the Gartner WMS “Magic Quadrant”

As you may have seen in the past few weeks, Gartner, under the leadership of analyst Dwight Klappich, released the 2014 version of the Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems.

Cloud WMS Response Times Issues are Largely a Myth

Warehouse Management Systems in the Cloud are becoming increasingly popular, and Soften has a number of our WMS Cloud solutions installed and working exceptionally well in the field, with many more companies looking at Cloud-based solutions.

The Value of Distributed Order Management

eCommerce has generated a lot of interest in Distributed Order Management or DOM solutions.

The reason for this is that unlike most traditional distribution, where fulfillment paths are fairly fixed (e.g. specific DC services or a set of stores or customer DCs), there is a timing aspect in eCommerce that usually requires a different approach.

Still Lots of Opportunities to Make “Mature” WMS Solutions Better

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have been around a long time. From an analyst’s point of view, WMS is a “mature” product category – by which they often mean there is not a whole lot of development that still needs to be done or new features to should be added.


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