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Demand Planning
Demand Planning:

A powerful set of statistical forecasting tools that provide more than 30 forecasting models, along with automated “best fit” selection of the most appropriate forecasting method. Also includes demand sensing capabilities that automatically adjusts statistical forecasts in the short term based on actual demand signals. Flexible workflow engine to support customer-specific demand planning process models, and much more.

Milestone Management
Milestone Management:

Provides a vehicle to track the scheduled, estimated and actual completion of pre-production deliverables and events like media delivery, artwork approval and BOM creation. Milestone events are completely configurable, from many to just a few as needed depending on the individual release. Includes a detailed milestone dashboard. Also supports version control for what-if scenario planning. Allows monitoring and execution of precision inventory strategies for NPI.

New Product Introduction
New Product Introduction:

New release supply/procurement planning is executed based on forecast, a pre-determined initial manufacturing quantity or a combination of both. Because new release demand profiles can vary greatly, the system allows the flexibility to upload forecasts via an Excel template, electronically from an external engine, or manual entry. Allows modeling of new SKUs from similar SKUs. Once the forecast has been created, the system creates suggested POs daily based on the forecast and current potential inventory.

Supply Planning
Supply Planning:

Provides a flexible rule-based system to calculate target inventory levels. Configurable parameters include safety stock levels, cycle stocks, multiple lead times, customer service commitments/targets, and velocity-based parameter definition. The inventory dashboard provides an intuitive UI for planners to make the most informed decisions, while the system is focused on automating the process and using management by exception techniques. Supply Planning also considers manufacturing capacities and constraints.

Inventory Planning
Inventory Planning:

Provides a flexible rule-based system to calculate target inventory levels. Configurable parameters include safety stock levels, cycle stocks, multiple lead times, customer service commitments/targets, and velocity-based parameter definition. The inventory dashboard provides an intuitive UI for planners to make the most informed decisions, while the system is focused on automating the process and using management by exception techniques. 


Based on the supply and inventory plan and a variety of factors including vendor lead times, vendor history, quantity price break and more, the Procurement module recommends  vendor purchase orders, and can auto create and send those POs as desired. The system can be electronically interfaced with the vendor and DC for ease of communication and visibility of the status, promise date from the vendor, quantity shipped and quantity received. Purchase orders are priced based on vendor specific price grids that account for complex pricing drivers, such as SKU attributes, price effective dates, BOM’s and much more. 


Order Management
Order Management:

Softeon Order Management manages every stage of the order process, including order entry, pricing and promotion, credit processing, shipment invoicing and audits. The module offers unmatched functionality to manage customer-specific pricing, rebates and promotions, substitutions, replenishment from vendors, SKU bundling and more. The scalable solution supports large volumes of transactions across industries and partners including financial services, retail, automotive and service parts.

  • Web-Based Order Entry
  • Detail Customer Set-Up + Maintenance
  • SKU Profile Set-Up + Maintenance
  • Rule-Based Pricing, Discounts and Promotion Models
  • EDl, Tax and Accounting lnterfaces
  • Configurable Order Forms
  • Order Processing
  • Credit Management Processing
  • lnventory Allocation
  • lnvoice Processing
  • Returns Processing
  • Comprehensive Sales + Billing Analysis Reporting
Transportation Management
Transportation Management:

Softeon Transportation Management makes planning, optimizing and executing international multi-modal transportation easy. Build shipments and routes based on a powerful rules engine for shipment optimization that supports all carriers and modes. You gain improved control over logistics processes to reduce transportation spending and improve customer service.

  • Trailer Loading Optimization
  • Automated Carrier Selection
  • Routing
  • Shipment Consolidation
  • Carrier Complaint Labeling
  • Export Documents
  • EDI/XML lnterfaces
  • Carrier Performace Analysis
  • Shipment Tracking

Softeon WMS is a functionally rich, highly versatile, and easy-to-use system to manage DC operations at higher levels of efficiency and productivity. This solution gives you real-time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes.

  • Functionally Rich
  • Rules-based Solutions
  • Advanced SOA Technology
  • Simple lntegration with Other Systems + Devices
  • Scalable, Expandable + lnteroperable

Distributed Order Management is an intelligent hub that orchestrates orders between vendors, suppliers and customers at a high-level and evaluates fulfillment options to determine an optimal strategy. 

  • Omnichannel Enabler
  • Intelligent Sourcing + Optimization
  • Dynamic Rules-Based Solution
  • Integrated Planning + Fulfillment
Billing Management
Billing Management:

Softeon BMS captures cost information for the end-to-end flow of logistics activities across inbound transportation, receiving, distribution, warehousing and outbound transportation. With a data feed from your WMS, manufacturing system or other systems, Softeon BMS enables activity-based costing with granular detail. The solution extends across the logistics function for improved cost and revenue analysis, lowered administrative costs and improved profitability when allowable revenues are captured under contract terms. 

  • Configurable rules-based rate engine with billing rates based on preferences and in fixed or range values with minimum value
  • Flexible, client-specific invoice templates and multi-level invoicing to bill by customer, division or project
  • User-definable audit control with integrated event and alert notification
  • Flexible definition of interface with other enterprise or supply chain systems, including real-time interface with accounting
Yard Management
Yard Management:

Softeon Yard Management extends your inventory to the yard, allowing you to increase space utilization as well as manage assets, labor and inventory inthe yard. A graphical viewing tool provides complete visibility of the yard forbetter inbound and outbound control. Graphical, real-time view of the yard and assets also adds an extra layer of security to the yard.

The solution optimizes labor resources for inbound receiving and shipping andmanages assets within the yard including trailer movement and audits. Withinthe warehouse, the solution allows you to manage every aspect of dock door operations including appointment scheduling and trailer check-ins to reduce wait time and delays.

  • Appointment Scheduling + Management
  • Trailer Check-in + Check-out
  • lnbound/Outbound + ln-Transit
  • Visibility
  • Total Control of Trailer Movement to and from the Dock
  • Rules-Based Dock Assignment
  • lnventory Visibility in the Yard
  • Yard Event Management + Security
  • Trailer Aging + Analysis
Resource Management
Resource Management:

The Softeon Resource Management solution addresses even the most complex activity-based and demand-based resource planning needs of your warehouse and value-added services operations down to the task and cost-definition level. Real-time visibility into performance data and resource activity allows you to expertly manage resources and labor within the warehouse. The solution gives management activity-based tracking of resources to identify bottlenecks, unproductive hours and other issues while identifying workers for incentive compensation.

  • Easy Maintenance of Task + Activity Definition
  • Flexible Cost Definition
  • Resource Estimation/Simulation
  • Resource Allocation + Tracking
  • Real-time Resource Activity Visibility
  • lnterface to Labor Tracking + Time
  • Card Systems
  • Resource Cost Estimation
  • Actual vs. Plan Analysis
  • Powerful “What lf” Analysis Tool
Assembly & Kitting
Assembly & Kitting:

Softeon Assembly + Kitting is an advanced solution for bill of materials and work order management, enabling the planning and execution of a wide range of value-added services in the distribution center. Powerful work order management capabilities support aggressive postponement strategies, including made-to-stock and made-to-order environments. The solution automatically creates work orders to build kits in both made-to-stock and made-to-order environments, supporting aggressive postponement strategies.

  • Project/Program and Requirements Planning
  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Line Production Management
  • lnventory Control + Replenishment
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Reporting and Queries
  • Actual vs. Plan Analysis
  • Purchase Order Generation
  • De-Kitting

A solution that is much easier to use (compared to other slotting systems) and supports dynamic slotting and other complex scenarios.

Parcel Management
Parcel Management:

As an integral part of the WMS, this technologically advanced, browser-based system functions to find best rates, handles carrier compliance, POD/shipment status, and shipping documentation

Multi-Carrier Compliance

  • Parcel, LTL, TL carriers - labeling, rates, electronic manifesting, reporting

Rate Shopping

  • Best rate with optimum service level (within agreed SLA) for all packages
  • LTL rating using Czar, customer tariffs or custom rates including discounts,FSC
  • Supports dimensional weight-based rates
  • One system to manage rates for Parcel, LTL and TL
  • Alternate Rates are supported

Real-Time Visibility and Tracking

  • API to check real-time status of package
  • Receives EDI (214/240)/XML/Web Services for Shipment Status (POD)

Documentation and Reporting

  • Generates carrier manifest reports, VICS BOL, design your own Custom Reports, etc.
  • Electronic Signature capture for BOL
  • Regulatory forms like Commercial Invoice, Shippers Export Declaration (SED), CCI, etc.,


  • UPS Mail Innovations (UPS/USPS)
  • FedEx Smart Post (FedEx/USPS)


Vendor Managed Inventory
Vendor Managed Inventory:

Softeon VMI enables all stakeholders in the supply chain to see into their networks and perform better demand forecasting and inventory planning in true collaborative fashion with vendors. VMI uses various data feeds to create an optimized “demand stream” and perform inventory-demand balancing. The solution examines raw data collected by the system to see into in-store inventory levels and establish forecasts and demand based on factors such as seasonality, promotions, campaigns, merchandising plans and actual sales.

  • Track Vendor lnventory Ownership and Transfer of Ownership at a DC/ Store Level
  • Optimize Store Replenishment Based on Forecasts or Sales History
  • Set Event Alerts
  • Gain Visibility into Stock Levels Throughout the Supply Chain
  • lmprove Store Level Operations
  • Reduce Stock-Outs and Over-Stock
  • lncrease Revenues Due to Better Demand Chain Performance
Freight Audit & Pay
Freight Audit & Pay:

Softeon Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) system is a solution that can reduce total freight spend and/or eliminate the need for expensive third-party freight audit firms. FAP supports parcel, LTL and full truckload shipments, and can rate and audit freight bills across several dozen attributes and accessorials, performing a three-way match between a company’s own shipment information, proof of delivery information, and the carrier’s freight bill.

  • Revenue + Cost Allocation to SKU Level
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Customer Service Capabilities
  • Rich Analytics
  • Revenue Margin Management Tool for 3PLs
Warehouse Execution System
Warehouse Execution System:

Softeon’s breakthrough WES solves many distribution challenges through a powerful set of integrated capabilities that can be flexibly deployed in almost any combination.

Those capabilities include:

  • A real-time activity monitor which constantly scans the DC to track events
  • Intelligent automated order release engine that considers capacities and work requirements by DC processing areas
  • Waveless and wave-based picking, working independently or in tandem
  • Automated order release based on order priority and carrier cut-off times
  • Advanced labor resource planning using simulation techniques that use actual orders and forecasted order patterns
  • Dynamic resource allocation that suggests or automatically directs labor to the required processing areas as a shift proceeds
  • Optimized, configurable execution of picking work across picking types and technologies
  • Direct, optimized control of a variety of picking sub-systems, from Voice to mobile robots and much more

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