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Warehouse Execution Systems: Progress Forces a Paradigm Shift

Warehouse Execution Systems are now becoming a critical tool in staying ahead of continually changing and increasing fulfillment demands. Are you prepared?​

ARC Group asks:

“Legacy perspectives on warehouse systems don’t properly address today’s available capabilities, potential benefits, and vendor options. Does your paradigm provide the clarity and insight that will support your fulfillment organization’s current operational goals and priorities? Or does it limit and distort the view of the available options and the value they deliver?.”*

Get details on:

  • An overview of Warehouse Execution Systems and the history of WES in the market
  • The Warehouse Management, Warehouse Execution and Warehouse Control System solution space, how they are defined and how each benefits your operations
  • Changes in the WES market, including current market players and how the use of WES has evolved past just highly-automated DCs to include those with very little automation and those with mid-level, or "hybrid," automation
  • Real-world scenarios provided by Softeon to demonstrate trends and extensive WES capabilities available
  • How these systems are being implemented including the option of a standalone WES or an integrated solution with a WMS

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*Warehouse Execution Systems: Progress Forces a Paradigm Shift,” Clint Reiser, May 11, 2020

ARC Advisory Group Disclaimer

This paper was written by ARC Advisory Group on behalf of Softeon. The opinions and observations stated are those of ARC Advisory Group. For further information or to provide feedback on this paper, please contact the author at


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