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Knock at the door: AI and IoT are ready for your warehouse


by Gary Forger

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are making their initial forays into warehouse operations. The expected outcome is DCs able to respond dynamically to current supply chain conditions not pre-set rules. Look for newfound flexibility and an ability to respond to specific customer demands.

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The Multiple Dimensions of Cloud WMS Deployment


Although warehouse management systems were late to the cloud party, software pricing and deployment options are driving adoption.

We’re seeing about 60% of new WMS implementations being Cloud-based, with that number continuing to head higher. Despite the rapid growth of supply chain technology delivered in in the Cloud generally and for WMS specifically, there are often still a lot of uncertainties among potential adopters. I see it time after time. To sort out the options, the following discussion may help. Read on...

It's All About WES in Logistics Management Article


Warehouse execution system (WES) software is becoming more important to automated warehouses that need to manage machines, people and inventory resources against a high-velocity stream of orders and tight delivery commitments. WES can be more than a one-function solution for orchestrating zones “inside the four walls,” and can instead operate as a complex hybrid that paces work to logistics events.

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The Most Important Supply Chain Software that You Don't Know Much About


Softeon provides insight into what DOM can do for any organization looking more fore connectivity and visibility, especially those with a complex supply chain or are trying to compete in the current retail climate. Featured in CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly:

Distributed order management systems have been around since the 1990s and have proven to be essential for conducting omnichannel fulfillment. But many supply chain managers still do not know the full range of applications that the software can provide.

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How Best Buy is meeting the need for speed

Retailer is using automation at warehouses, stores in delivery race 


LOS ANGELES – The scene looks almost like a giant 3-D chessboard. Box-shaped robots scoot across a grid high above the warehouse floor, moving up and down as they pluck items from among 30,000 bins filled with Best Buy’s bestselling orders.

Why WMS is Playing Catch-up With the Cloud


Warehouse management systems were relatively late in coming to the cloud. Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer with Softeon, puts the issue into context and lays out the various options for cloud deployment of WMS.

Inbound Logistics Releases Top 10 to include Softeon



Inbound Logistics' annual list of the top 100 companies offering effective IT solutions. 


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Softeon launches WES software with simulation tools to predict problems


Warehouse software vendor Softeon launched a new warehouse execution system (WES) platform, saying that it combines aspects of both WMS and WES capabilities that can now work together to address issues like automation utilization, resource management, and task optimization.

Softeon included in Top 10 WMS Providers


Logistics Tech Outlook reviewed many companies to find the best in WMS functionality. See who made it into their "Top 10 Warehouse Management Solution Providers of 2019" and learn about what differentiates Softeon from other providers. 

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Softeon Chosen as Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Provider


Each year, Logistics Tech Outlook seeks out the best-of-the-best to fulfill the ever-growing needs in the supply chain industry. Their "Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers of 2018" is a great resource for anyone looking to implement solutions with true value and innovation. See Softeon's full profile here...


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