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In Pandemic Times, DC Managers Rethink Their Labor Strategies


As warehouse workers juggle Covid safety policies with productivity goals, employers are recalibrating their labor management software to reflect the new reality.

13 Keys to Choosing the Right Warehouse Management System


Following these guidelines can boost your chances for a successful WMS implementation.

While warehouse management systems can provide many benefits, implementing one carries risks. 
"A WMS can put a company out of business if it's the wrong vendor or solution, or it can propel a business 
ahead of the competition," says John Reichert, senior director, SCE solutions with Tecsys, a supply chain technology provider. Follow these steps for successful WMS implementation:


The Future of E-commerce Fulfillment at UPS


Most of us know UPS from the brown trucks that deliver packages to our homes. One of the world’s largest parcel delivery services, UPS generated a total of $74 billion in revenue in 2019 and delivered more than 5.5 billion packages and documents. Perhaps less well-known is UPS’s Supply Chain Services, or SCS, a $13 billion division that handles everything from freight forwarding to e-commerce fulfillment services targeted at the small- to mid-sized (SMB) business community.

Now, UPS is moving inside the four walls of its fulfillment centers, designing the warehouse of the future with a focus on the right mix of automation and people. That mix includes autonomous mobile robots from Locus Robotics, a warehouse execution system (WES) from Softeon, goods-to-person picking solutions from AutoStore, and robotic stretch wrapping from Robopac. And, other automation technologies are under consideration in UPS’s innovation centers.

WES: It’s for Warehouse Automation and More


Warehouse execution systems grew out of the need to manage the way orders are processed in highly automated DCs to get more efficiency out of high-end fixed automation—but now the focus is expanding. Here’s how suppliers are addressing the need to manage automated and manual workflows, and apply machine learning and predictive models. 

Understanding the Complex Landscape of WMS, WCS and WES Warehouse Solutions


From CSCMP's "HOT Topics" -   One challenge logistics managers face is that there are actually three main types of software solutions that can be deployed in a distribution center, individually or in combination. There is a lot of confusion regarding the functionality provided by each type of solution and the boundaries between them – boundaries that can vary depending on the specific software vendors involved and the application scenario.

Softeon Launches Innovation Lab


Softeon, a provider of supply chain software with the industry’s best record for customer success, announces the opening of its new, expanded Warehouse of the Future Innovation Lab, under which it will continue the company’s strong track record of innovation in warehouse management and warehouse execution systems (WMS and WES) and beyond.

UPS Launches Smart Warehouse Technology


Atlanta, GA:  UPS Supply Chain Solutions today announced warehouse network technology designed to make distribution centers smarter and more efficient. The new Warehouse Execution System (WES) will enable faster order intake and fulfillment to ensure that customers, especially those with fluctuating order patterns, receive their products on time.

UPS and supply chain solutions provider Softeon created the WES which allows UPS to define specific customer requirements to ensure highest priority orders are worked first without manual intervention, resulting in more than 50% productivity gains for some customers.

2020 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers

2020 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers


Each year, Inbound Logistics develops a list of the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers. ILeditors research capabilities based on submitted questionnaires and other sources, then select 100 technology providers offering solutions designed to meet business logistics managers’ supply chain challenges. 

AI and IoT are Ready For Your Warehouse


Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are making their initial forays into warehouse operations. The expected outcome: DCs able to respond dynamically to current supply chain conditions instead of pre-set rules. Look for newfound flexibility and an ability to respond to specific customer demands.

By Gary Forger

Podcast: Softeon Discusses WMS and WES and Introduces Integrated Solution

247 PodcastSofteon introduced a new integrated warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse execution system (WES) 


The combined solution provides visibility, orchestration and optimization of order picking and related processes, including maximizing materials handling system utilization. Uniquely, the solution also greatly benefits more manual DCs.

Softeon’s WMS and WES solutions are available as stand-alone platforms, but are now also being deployed together as a powerful Warehouse Management and Execution System.


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