Conventional Warehouse Tune-up


by Gary Forger

The value of labor

Interviews with several experts on conventional warehousing made it clear that you can improve processes without a complete hardware and software transformation.

Key concepts here range from slotting to clean data and reduction in travel time. Labor management is not to be overlooked either. And, yes, technology is part of this evolution, ranging from bots (which everyone is in love with right now) to software such as warehouse execution systems (WES).

Softeon scores high in Gartner WMS report


By MMH Staff 

Softeon has been recognized in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Warehouse Management Systems report, according to the vendor.

Gartner notes in its report that companies can, “Choose the right WMS by using the highlighted nine critical capabilities across five different use cases to appropriately align with your levels of operational complexity and sophistication. Supply chain technology leaders can use this research to compare specific WMS products.”

Building Direct to Consumer Fulfillment Capacity and Capabilities


Direct to consumer or DTC strategies are very popular right now in retail and consumer goods companies. It’s easy to understand why, especially for consumer goods companies. Start with the continued soaring growth of ecommerce. After what seemed then robust ecommerce growth in the US of 14-16% annually for many years, in the stay at home economy of 2020, that growth rate soared to 44.5% in Q2 of last year, 36.6% in Q3, 32.1% in Q4, and 39.1% in Q1 2021, according to data from the US Census Bureau. No company wants to miss out on that megatrend.