Softeon Technology Creates Real Business Value

Softeon, a supply chain management software industry visionary, provides a complete end-to-end suite of solutions that address key supply chain planning processes and comprehensive supply chain execution processes. Softeon solutions dissolve functional silos to facilitate true supply chain convergence where multiple functions reside on a common platform based on industry standards with shared services, data models and business rules.

Softeon drives business value with these differentiators:

Softeon Business Value

Flexibility to manage business needs

Softeon solutions use interchangeable components, all based on the same open, web-native architecture. Combined with services-oriented (SOA) framework and standards-based component architecture that supports a powerful rule-based engine, you achieve maximum operational flexibility. The ultimate result? An agile supply chain that continuously accommodates business process changes and achieves significantly faster time to market.

Low total cost of ownership

By design, Softeon’s highly scalable, adaptable and configurable solutions drive down ownership costs while increasing operational efficiencies. Key paths to cost savings include:

  • High business value compared to investment cost. For example, robust rule-based engine allows users to change business rules without costly customization of modules
  • Secure access, maintenance and administration all through a web browser via intranet, extranet or internet
  • Flexible deployment and delivery options include SAAS (software as a service), on premise, in the cloud or third-party hosting
  • Advanced architecture with built-in event management, task management, state management, work flow orchestration and full RF, RFID and voice support ensures productivity with intuitive interfaces that allow quick implementation and user adoption

Supports all industry standard languages and formats

Extend your integration points into your supplier network with Softeon advanced technology that supports all industry-standard protocols and paradigms. Our solutions are platform and database agnostic which allows for swift deployment and integration with other enterprise or supply chain management solutions. The technology easily integrates with other systems through standard support for web services and XML as well as more traditional integration protocols such as EDI.