3PL - Third Party Logistics

Softeon is the global leader in WMS, Billing and other supply chain execution solutions for the third-party logistics (3PL) market – whether that is for true 3PLs, or regular shippers operating in a shared services environment.

Our roster of 3PL customers includes UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Sony DADC, DB Schenker, CEVA Logistics, Saddlecreek Logistics, MonarchFX, Federation Logistics, PSS Distribution Services, Ransa and many others.

We consistently hear from 3PLs a similar set challenges that they have with their current IT systems:

  • Lack of flexibility to configure the systems to meet new or prospective client requirements
  • Too long/difficult to on-board new clients
  • Don’t have one system that can work across vertical industries and/or both large and small clients
  • Lost revenue from the inability to capture all chargeable services

Softeon solves all these challenges and more through our powerful suite of innovative supply chain solutions, anchored by our Warehouse Management System (WMS), Billing Management System (BMS), and Distributed Order Management (DOM) system. WMS, BMS, and DOM are complemented with a broad portfolio of additional solutions, including Labor and Resource Management, Yard Management, Assembly and Kitting, traditional Order Management and much more.

All this delivered on a single, integrated platform based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that maximizes agility. Softeon provides robust capabilities to configure the solution to each client’s individual needs and to pursue new business opportunities – all delivered in Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment models. Saddlecreek Logistics, for example, is running a combination of some Cloud-based and some traditional Softeon WMS deployments – using single product for either deployment model.

Highlighted features of Softeon’s end-to-end solution for third-party logistics include:

  • Advanced WMS that supports virtually all vertical sectors with a single solution, with a proven ability to scale from the largest, most complex operations to much smaller facilities and operational scope. The “rules engine” foundation of the WMS maximizes configurability and flexibility.
  • The WMS allows for deep configurability at the individual client level, with multiple levels of configuration (global, site, client), supporting multiple individual rule-sets and workflows by customer within a single site. As a simple example, Softeon’s WMS allows for setting of expiration date allocation rules unique to each client or ship-to address, a capability not supported in many other systems.
  • The industry’s best 3PL billing system, with highly granular, configurable capabilities to capture all billable activities and work and support a broad array of contract terms.  It usually takes our 3PL prospects just a few minutes of looking at our billing system to recognize its uniqueness in the market and opportunity to leverage these advanced capabilities with their own clients. 
  • Tools to enable rapid on-boarding of new clients. That includes powerful industry-specific template and unique configuration wizards that both streamline system configuration and allow 3PLs to be self-sufficient in rolling out the solutions to other sites/clients. Sony DADC went from taking a few months to on-board new clients to just a couple of days or less.
  • Labor and Resources Management solutions that plans and tracks not only workers but equipment resources, and offers a statistical approach to setting productivity targets without the time and costs of full-blown engineered standards, if desired. System also supports profit and loss analysis and advanced cost modeling for 3PLs.
  • Advanced Assembly and Kitting System (AMS) that supports simple to complex value-added services, with sophisticated bill of materials and work order management capabilities. It is also built to scale - one Softeon 3PL customer is assembling some 3 million kits per month in a little more than a week for one client with a subscription-based order and fulfillment model, requiring high volume throughput.
  • New Order Fulfillment System (OFS) that takes direct control of picking subsystems such as smart carts, Voice, pick-to-light, put walls and more to reduce hardware costs as much as 70% and optimize the full slotting, picking and replenishment cycle, delivering double digit productivity gains. Perfect for any 3PL doing significant piece picking operations, especially for ecommerce.
  • Focus on integration, with the tools and an approach that takes what is a major challenge for most software companies and make it easy for Softeon and our 3PL customers.

All this and more from a company that is laser focused on our 3PL customers’ success, with the support and true partnership approach that delivers project success every time, with a track record simply unequaled in the industry.

Softeon 3PL Core Modules

Learn more about how Softeon supply chain solutions lead the way for excellence in 3PL operational performance:

Warehouse Management System (WMS):

Advanced solution with many unique capabilities. Superior flexibility for multi-site and multi-tenant requirements with options to activate functions applicable to a tenant. All contract logistics activities are captured with its context to support billing. Simple to complex operations can be co-mingled on the same site to optimize assets and resource usage.


Billing Management System (BMS):

A comprehensive rule-based costing and billing module that supports even the most creative sales contracts. Supports multi-level invoicing at a customer, division and project level.



Order Management System (DOM/OMS):

Softeon offers both Distributed Order Management and traditional Order Management solutions that can be deployed separately or combined for Enterprise Order Management. DOM provides inventory visibility across the network, optimal order sourcing logic, inventory balancing across the network and more. OMS Manages multi-channel order demand, pricing, promotions and allocation rules to optimally meet customer order fulfillment SLAs. Provides flexible integration of orders from multiple sources and channels, including direct ecommerce platform integration.


Yard Management System (YMS):

Accurate and efficient tracking and management of trailers and containers in shipping yard. Schedule appointments, trailer check-in and audit, age-analysis and check-out functionality. The graphical yard viewing tool provides easy and complete visibility of yard.


Softeon 3PL Solutions

Softeon 3PL solutions are tailored to the specific needs of 3PLs with rich functionality and unique capabilities that accelerate implementation, reduce costs and maximize ROI.