Retail companies wanting to build on their successes of 2016 should look for ways to bolster inventory visibility and order management throughout the supply chain.

This according to an end-of-year webinar sponsored by Retail Systems Research—an industry-leading market intelligence firm—and a series of articles spawned by the firm’s “what to expect” forecast of 2017 trends.


Time to Adapt

In the past, companies have often focused more on attracting their customers’ attention and persuading them to make a purchase than they have on efficiently and accurately managing their inventory. They promise to deliver this or that sku by a certain date with little concrete data as to whether or not they can actually fulfill that promise. They advertise their wares on a hope and a prayer that the appropriate goods will be in the warehouse at the right time and in the right quantities when it comes time to deliver them.   

It’s called “flying by the seat of your pants”—a business plan Retail Systems Research warns manufacturers and retailers to stay away from in 2017.

“The industry has been talking about the ‘order management imperative’ for years,” says retail journalist Susan Reda, writing for Stores Magazine. “It’s fair to say that it’s never been more crucial because shoppers demand transparency, trust the Internet and will turn their backs forever on brands that disappoint them.”

What such brands need, say Reda, is a robust and proactive order management system.

Just What the Experts Ordered

Softeon offers just the solution experts are calling for: enhanced inventory control with Softeon OMS. With Softeon OMS, retailers and manufacturers gain unmatched functionality to manage inventory, customer-specific pricing, rebates and promotions, substitutions, replenishment from vendors, and SKU bundling.

With an intuitive user interface designed for maximum productivity, Softeon OMS empowers users to provide outstanding customer service. Like all Softeon supply chain management solutions, OMS is web native, meaning it easily supports remote customer service agents and call centers. Softeon OMS handles transaction volumes for even the largest organizations, from every industry imaginable.

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The experts have spoken. Precise and accurate inventory visibility will be what Retail Systems Research calls “the single most important technology enabler” of 2017. Softeon is pleased to provide that enabler with Softeon OMS.

Softeon OMS: inventory visibility like you’ve never seen it, complete control of the order process.

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