sol_rmsResource Management

Labor management made simple

Managing labor and equipment resources in distribution has never been more important to reduce costs and minimize execution variability. Softeon’s Resource Management System (RMS) module provides powerful tools that enable you control and optimize performance of these critical distribution resources.

Softeon RMS allows managers to plan the need for labor resources based on actual work, determine which orders can be released and where labor is needed, and monitor pending overtime conditions. The solution fully supports engineered standards and provides robust labor reporting capabilities at multiple levels, which can help increase labor productivity by 10%-30%. Softeon RMS also supports incentive-based pay.

Unique in the market, Softeon RMS includes a “what if” analysis tool that allows companies to determine the effectiveness of making changes in operational strategies, warehouse layouts, picking methodologies, etc., using actual operating data from any point in time.

Key features of the Softeon RMS module include:

  • Detailed labor reporting
  • Support for engineered labor standards
  • Labor planning
  • Task and activity definition
  • Task time and cost definition
  • Resource allocation and tracking
  • Real-time resource activity visibility
  • Unique “What if” analysis that enables simulation of the impact of software and operation changes
  • Track the time needed for various tasks (gauging productivity)
  • Resource cost estimation (including overtime)
  • Actual vs. plan analysis

Learn how the Softeon Advantage can add value to your organization.


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