Supply Chain Execution

Route Accounting

State-of-the-art route-based sales and accounting to improve order fulfillment

Route Accounting Software Links Financials with Warehouse and Delivery

Outdated route accounting software can fail beverage distributors by hurting the bottom line. Without end-to-end integration, sales order and inventory management processes fall victim to time consuming, error-prone orders and invoicing. Route accounting systems (RAS) need to coordinate across warehouse, inventory and sales processes to provide upstream visibility to enterprise-level accounting functions and suppliers.

Softeon RAS supports Direct Store Delivery (DSD) networks

Softeon RAS combines sales order and inventory management, financial accounting and route reconciliation into a single real-time, enterprise wide application to drive operating efficiencies. The solution integrates seamlessly with Softeon WMS for complete process flow and visibility into floor operations all the way to route accounting at the enterprise level.

Softeon RAS enables real-time transaction-based inventory management across all warehouse locations for tightened inventory control and faster route reconciliation. To address the gaps which cause order inefficiencies and errors that bog order-to-cash cycles, the solution offers optional built-in Softeon financial solutions for Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P) and General Ledger (G/L), or integration with your own external accounting systems such as MAS 90/200/500, Microsoft Dynamics and Quick Books.

In addition, the RAS solution:

  • Manages product mixes for all kinds of beverages with separate invoice types by product mix
  • Uses dashboards to push out KPIs and other metrics from the desktop to handheld, smart phones and other web-based mobile devices
  • Provides real-time operational visibility of the warehouse floor to supervisors and managers
  • Unified Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities include:
    • entering data once for each location or company
    • validation with Anheuser-Busch (ABI) BudNet and other brewery networks
    • mass updates
    • ability to move customer history from locations
  • Seamless integration with WMS systems, backend accounting systems and supplier systems including:
    • ABI BudNet- ABI Mobility, including latest versions and all other mobility interfaces
    • Softeon DSD- Softeon TPM (Truck Planning Module)
    • UPS Logistics- ASN, EDI and other interfaces

Softeon Route Accounting

Softeon’s RAS is built around the entire delivery process — order, delivery and accounting — and continues to evolve, setting the standard for the beverage industry with more advanced features, mobile tools, business analytics and delivery methods.




Beverage distributors increase sales volumes and revenues with Softeon technology

In the beverage world, mergers and acquisitions are common and so is the need to upgrade systems. Based on service-oriented architecture, Softeon next-gen supply chain management solutions allow distributors to stay ahead of changes in business processes and systems. Softeon RAS offers:

  • Single Instance of RAS application framework supports varied business models:-
    • one company, multiple warehouses
    • multi-company, multiple warehouses and separate wholesaler numbers
    • separate business calendars by location
  • Proven migration methodology to a completely web-based platform ensures distributor success

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Direct Store Delivery

Advanced mobile technology brings accuracy and efficiencies in delivery

In the battle against rising delivery costs, routes and deliveries must run with military precision. Direct store delivery (DSD) calls for automation where load planning, pre-sold and peddle (driver sold) routes and driver settlement processes are synced with warehousing and accounting functions. Softeon DSD supports pre-sales and peddle sales operations.

Softeon DSD enables drivers to capture orders and customer signatures as well as perform invoicing, all on site, for faster payment and accurate accounting. The solution is ideal for food and beverage distributors, parts suppliers and e-commerce operators (web stores) that deliver products to stores, distribution centers or directly to consumers.

Softeon DSD improves driver route management, pre-sales and peddle sales with:

Mobile Services:

  • Device agnostic, mobile (PDA) based order capture with state-of-the-art hand-held screen functionality for easy order management, invoice generation and returns management

Load planning based on statistical analysis of historical data

Direct Store Delivery operations:

  • Improve driver productivity: bay-based load planning for peddle routes and checker management for loads in and out improves driver efficiency
  • Minimize delivery issues with a driver-friendly solution: since the Softeon load planning module seamlessly integrates with Softeon WMS, the system ensures the right quantity is loaded on the right truck in the optimum and most efficient sequence
  • Control rising delivery costs: reduce delivery errors, streamline the returns process, reduce returns of the wrong product and when trucks return to the warehouse, minimize time to reconcile
  • Manage SKU proliferation and manage growth: scalable and adaptable to even the largest distribution landscapes, the solution manages increasing product choices and store-specific product assortments
  • Product returns management: allows for proper identification and accounting of good products, out-of-date products, damaged products, etc. and accounts for breakage, invalid lot-code products and other return situations to take products back to inventory and posts to the inventory host system at the general ledger level

Advanced Route Reconciliation:

  • Functionality provides real-time visibility to daily driver Inventory and Money settlements besides posting to GL/AR/AP

Sales and delivery gain the operational edge with Softeon technology

DSD seamlessly integrates with Softeon WMS for even greater warehouse and performance delivery to minimize order picking and loading errors. Softeon DSD works well with your own WMS and easily integrates with accounting and other enterprise systems. The solution also operates as a stand-alone solution.

Web-based intuitive functionality – the hallmark of Softeon supply chain management solutions – means your organization saves on training and new employees get up to speed quickly. Discover the Softeon Advantage today.

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Billing Management (BMS)

Activity-based costing and billing for increased profitability

Logistics service providers, whether 3PLs or in-house providers, need to accurately track billable services and costs. You need a billing management system (BMS) to capture client activities and costs at multiple levels and across multiple costing models. Softeon BMS is a powerful billing engine and activity-based costing solution that supports complex billing rules, rate structures and cost elements of logistics services.

Softeon BMS captures cost information for the end-to-end flow of logistics activities across inbound transportation, receiving, distribution, warehousing and outbound transportation. With a data feed from your WMS, manufacturing system or other systems, Softeon BMS enables activity-based costing with granular detail. The solution extends across the logistics function for improved cost and revenue analysis, lowered administrative costs and improved profitability when allowable revenues are captured under contract terms. Key capabilities include:

  • Configurable rules-based rate engine with billing rates based on preferences and in fixed or range values with minimum value
  • Flexible, client-specific invoice templates and multi-level invoicing to bill by customer, division or project
  • User-definable audit control with integrated event and alert notification
  • Flexible definition of interface with other enterprise or supply chain systems, including real-time interface with accounting

Softeon Freight Audit & Payment

Softeon Freight Audit & Payment (FAP) system is a solution that can reduce total freight spend and/or eliminate the need for expensive third-party freight audit firms.




Easy integration by way of Softeon technology

Softeon’s web-based architecture allows the swift deployment of BMS as a stand-alone solution ready for integration with your existing WMS, ERP or other enterprise systems. Softeon offers BMS pre-integrated with Softeon WMS for the enterprise.

Discover the Softeon Advantage with BMS for improved profitability.

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Yard Management

Efficient management of containers and trailers from source to destination

Managing containers and trailers to optimize logistics activities can’t rely on weak applications or manual systems. You need a professional yard management system (YMS) with the capability to integrate with WMS, TMS and more. Softeon YMS does it all with an intuitive solution for yard visibility and supply chain control.

Softeon Yard Management for supply chain control

Our proven yard management solution extends the warehouse to the dock and the yard, ensuring yard security as well as improved inventory and resource management. Key capabilities include:

  • Track location of goods with powerful graphical views for real-time visibility of inbound and outbound yard inventory, including in-transit trailers
  • Manage and audit intra-yard moves at the task level
  • Flexible appointment scheduling to manage yard moves and activity, including deliveries and pickups
  • Manage load arrivals and optimize dock door scheduling to reduce wait time and delays
  • Improve asset management to stay on top of inventory turns and avoid container demurrage charges with alert notification

Softeon Yard Management

Softeon Yard Management extends your inventory to the yard, allowing you to increase space utilization as well as manage assets, labor and inventory in the yard.




Extending the supply chain with Softeon technology

YMS is available as a stand-alone solution or integrated with WMS or TMS. Built with Softeon web-based technology, YMS easily works with all industry-standard languages, including EDI, allowing you to integrate the solution with other applications and communicate with supply chain partners.

Discover the Softeon Advantage with YMS for supply chain excellence.

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Resource Management

Labor management made simple

Managing labor and equipment resources in distribution has never been more important to reduce costs and minimize execution variability. Softeon’s Resource Management System (RMS) module provides powerful tools that enable you control and optimize performance of these critical distribution resources.

Softeon RMS allows managers to plan the need for labor resources based on actual work, determine which orders can be released and where labor is needed, and monitor pending overtime conditions. The solution fully supports engineered standards and provides robust labor reporting capabilities at multiple levels, which can help increase labor productivity by 10%-30%. Softeon RMS also supports incentive-based pay.

Unique in the market, Softeon RMS includes a “what if” analysis tool that allows companies to determine the effectiveness of making changes in operational strategies, warehouse layouts, picking methodologies, etc., using actual operating data from any point in time.

Softeon Resource Management

Softeon Resource Management provides powerful tools to plan the need for labor resources based on actual work, determine which orders can be released and where labor is needed, and monitor pending overtime conditions.




Key features of the Softeon RMS module include:

  • Detailed labor reporting
  • Support for engineered labor standards
  • Labor planning
  • Task and activity definition
  • Task time and cost definition
  • Resource allocation and tracking
  • Real-time resource activity visibility
  • Unique “What if” analysis that enables simulation of the impact of software and operation changes
  • Track the time needed for various tasks (gauging productivity)
  • Resource cost estimation (including overtime)
  • Actual vs. plan analysis

Learn how the Softeon Advantage can add value to your organization.

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Reverse Logistics

Fast receipt for rapid reuse and disposal of products

Returns processing or Returns Process Management (RPM) can suck profits right out of the supply chain. Multiple factors including shipping errors, product recalls or damages in transit cause returns that many suppliers, distributors or manufacturers are forced to keep. Other returns may be refused and returned to the customer or may be returned because they were not sold. Some returns may require a return merchandise authorization (RMA) while others may be returned on a blind (also called blanket) authorization.

Softeon Returns Process Management (RPM) immediately identifies the items requiring returns in your network and tracks the shipment through the entire returns process, while creating the necessary paperwork. Softeon RPM is unrivaled in the industry for its rich functionality, including:

  • Flexible rules engine to define returns rules based on item, customer behavior, type of customer, RMA, etc.
  • Optimizes processes at the carton or pallet or unit level
  • Tracks package from receipt into the warehouse until it is put away
  • Optionally tracks units at the sold serial number level
  • Robust interface(s) to accounting systems and third-party ERP systems

Softeon Reverse Logistics

Softeon Reverse Logistics identifies the items requiring returns in the network and tracks the shipment through the returns process, while generating the necessary paperwork.




If returns processing represent a significant part of your shipping operations, consider Softeon Returns Process Management RPM). Softeon’s returns solution is ideal for high-volume, high-profit networks with a complex returns process. Softeon RPM is available as a module embedded into the Softeon WMS or as a stand-alone solution.

Let Softeon’s RPM reduce the need for manual intervention and optimize your returns business. Discover the Softeon Advantage today.

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Assembly & Kitting System (AMS)

Optimized product structure for planning, assembly and value-added services

Global manufacturing requires multiple versions of products with multi-level bill of materials support. Tight inventories and cost control means there’s no margin for error with assembly, kitting and reverse flows. Softeon’s AMS solution leads the way with an advanced materials requirement planning tool for assembly and kitting, facilitating the integration of distribution and manufacturing processes.

Softeon AMS, the industry’s most advanced solution for bill of materials and work order management, allows the planning and execution of a wide range of value-added services in the distribution center. Powerful work order management capabilities support aggressive postponement strategies, including made-to-stock and made-to-order environments. Key capabilities include:

  • Advanced project and program planning tools analyze requirements of finished goods, enabling product costing and actual versus plan analysis
  • Automatic generation of work orders for production and stock replenishment, including made-to-order replenishment for optimized inventory management
  • Automatic allocation of SKUs for assembly and automatic generation of purchase orders for raw materials
  • Asset tracking by lot and serial number during the kitting process ensures accurate inventory levels and replenishment
  • Robust end-to-end functionality covers disassembly and Returns Process Management needs

Softeon Assembly & Kitting

Softeon Assembly & Kitting is an advanced solution for bill of materials and work order management enabling the planning and execution of a wide range of value-added services in the distribution center.




Softeon technology supports integrated manufacturing and distribution

Softeon offers seamless integration with Softeon modules including Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) and for labor planning, Resource Management Solution (RMS). Softeon’s flexible, service-oriented architecture allows for swift deployment and easy integration with enterprise and supply chain systems.

Discover the Softeon Advantage with AMS for industry-leading materials requirements planning.

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Transportation Management

Efficient transportation planning and execution

Transportation procurement, planning, execution and freight auditing is no easy task given today’s global supply chains. Streamlining inbound and outbound logistics while monitoring contract compliance and keeping up with carrier capacity constraints and rate changes are daunting tasks. Softeon’s powerful transportation management system (TMS) offers full functionality to address these issues.

Planning, optimizing and executing international multi-modal transportation is easy with Softeon TMS. Build shipments and routes based on the powerful rules engine for shipment optimization that supports all carriers and modes. You gain improved control over logistics processes to reduce transportation spending and improve customer service. Key features of Softeon TMS:

  • Automatic load tendering and carrier manifesting
  • Rules-based rate shopping engine finds the lowest rate after examining basic rates, discounts and accessorial charges
  • Consolidate loads across modes for additional cost savings
  • Rules-based freight invoice auditing with automatic notification: avoid overcharges and receive alerts for monitoring SLAs to ensure shipments are delivered timely and against agreed-upon rates

Softeon Transportation Management

Softeon Transportation Management allows logistics managers to see the big picture of carrier management with real-time visibility of transportation data to reduce transportation costs and optimize transportation planning.




The integrated supply chain with Softeon technology

Softeon’s flexible, service-oriented architecture enables full end-to-end support for all industry-standard languages, including EDI. Driven by Softeon technology, TMS easily integrates with other enterprise and supply chain systems to tighten operations and facilitate partner collaboration.

Discover how TMS delivers the true Softeon Advantage by taking supply chain to the next level.

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Order Management

Manage multi channel demand, pricing, promotions and customer service

As the gateway to the supply chain, order management must be automated and integrated with business processes. Order management systems (OMS) enhance inventory control and end-to-end supply chain efficiencies. Softeon OMS provides complete control of every stage of the order process, including order entry and fulfillment, pricing and promotion, credit processing and shipment invoicing.

With an intuitive user interface designed for maximum productivity, Softeon OMS empowers users to provide outstanding customer service. Like all Softeon supply chain management solutions, OMS is web native, meaning it easily supports remote customer service agents and call centers. Highly scalable, Softeon OMS handles transaction volumes for even the largest organizations, across industries and partners, including financial services, retail, automotive and service parts.

Softeon OMS offers unmatched functionality to manage customer-specific pricing, rebates and promotions, substitutions, replenishment from vendors, SKU bundling and more.

Key features include:

  • Extensive order life-cycle visibility and capability to coordinate cross-channel selling and order fulfillment processes
  • Powerful rules engine including highly-configurable inventory allocation rules and flexible rule-based pricing, discounts and promotion models
  • Seamless integration with warehouse and transportation management systems to drive supply chain efficiencies and improve customer service
  • EDI, tax and accounting interface
  • Remote order entry via the web
  • Configurable credit hold/release process and full invoicing including credit and adjustment invoices
  • Order consolidation and automated order dropping
  • Sales and billing analysis reporting

Softeon Order Management

Softeon Order Management manages every stage of the order process, including order entry, pricing and promotion, credit processing, shipment invoicing and audits.




Extending the view of order management with Softeon next-gen solutions

Softeon’s service-oriented architecture facilitates integration of OMS with sales channels, partners and disparate systems to improve customer service, inventory control and warehouse operations. The OMS module can be installed as a stand-alone solution or with any combination of other system modules. Whether you use OMS with your own WMS or Softeon’s industry-leading WMS solutions, improved inventory accuracy and order fulfillment benefit the customer and the bottom line.

Learn more about the Softeon Advantage.

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WMS Cloud: Adaptable Warehouse Management Systems

Scalable platform for the evolving warehouse

WMS Cloud

Today’s supply chains aren’t static and neither is your small to medium-size warehouse operation. Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer or 3PL, your warehouse management system demands basic functionality with the flexibility to grow with your supply chain. Whether you support multiple clients at your warehouse or serve one enterprise, you are striving to increase profitability. Softeon WMS Cloud is the answer.

Elevate your warehouse operation with Softeon WMS Cloud

WMS Cloud is a best-of-breed solution for stand-alone or multiple warehouse environments that use standard warehouse processes. Solution capabilities include order grouping and consolidation; pallet in/pallet out; wave-based picking; RF and paper-based picking; standard case pick; piece pick, pack and ship; serial number tracking and more. Querying and reporting are a breeze with WMS Cloud, which includes an ad hoc report writer and a labeling system.

Scalable, value-based WMS

Built with the same technology as Softeon WMS, WMS Cloud offers businesses amazing value in an affordable solution.

  • Simplicity: WMS Cloud supports a simple profile without the need for extensive training, IT support or maintenance. WMS Cloud supports manual processes without the need to invest in material handling technologies.
  • Self-sufficiency: Business users easily onboard new customers with configuration wizards right in the solution, without IT support by the vendor or in-house resources
  • Fast time to market: Softeon’s intuitive interface facilitates quick onboarding of new warehouse customers

Softeon WMS Cloud delivers low total cost of ownership

As your business requirements change, Softeon protects your investment by growing with you. Like all Softeon supply chain management solutions built on web-based, service-oriented architecture, WMS Cloud is completely web-based requiring only a Web browser. This means efficient integration with other supply chain solutions.

Softeon WMS Cloud

Softeon WMS Cloud:  Scalable Platform for the Evolving Warehouse




Consider these advantages with the Softeon WMS Cloud solution:

Quick Deploy and Low Cost

  • Rapid implementation and a full range of deployment options including hosting by your own data center, Softeon or in the cloud
  • Low risk of ownership with flexible purchase options: purchase as a licensing model, subscribe on a monthly basis, combination of pay as a subscription and buy to own

Economical IT Support and Upgrades

  • Access Softeon support only for complex configurations such as country-specific locations, carrier integrations including with country-specific processes or significant changes to business processes
  • Seamless integration at a low cost: no re-engineering required when you are ready to move up to Softeon WMS Enterprise

Get the Softeon Advantage in a powerful warehouse management solution with WMS Cloud.

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